Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Day at the Cape

Thanksgiving day was a beautiful day at Cape Cod. Linda and I spent the afternoon riding Nauset Beach. We started on the north side and checked out Nauset Inlet. The surf was riled up and a picturesque site. A beautiful shade of blue. The inlet was calm and the gulls were feeding on bait. I fished a little, but had no luck. Linda spent her time gathering rocks while I was casting my lewy. Only a few people were on the beach. We had it pretty much to ourselves. Next we decided to check out the south side and see the new inlet. We only saw a couple of vehicle out there. We drove to the end and parked at #7. From there we walked out to the inlet. A strong SW wind made walking a little difficult, but the old people made it. The return trip was easier with the wind behind us. It was sad viewing the damaged camps, and there was nothing left of the one camp that was completely destroyed. I guess the broken pieces of that camp had been removed. It was shocking to see the bulkhead on the beach side where I used to fish was completely gone. Those other camps there sure are living on borrowed time since the dunes in most part have been leveled. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store for the beach this winter. All in all it was a very relaxing nice day on the beach.

Linda sadly checking out the damage. Only one beer left in the refrigerator.

I gave a pink lewy a try, but had no luck. The birds were working in the rip.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Woo's Bed and Breakfast.

We enjoyed a quick visit from Emmy, Quin, Charlie, and Sammy at the Cape on their way from Nantucket to Vermont to enjoy Thanksgiving with Fredbob and the family. I know the chef will have a great spread for all. We gave them a warm up with eggs Benedict this morning. Quin is pictured at the left doing booger patrol. Nice work dad.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fishing Update

Well, the fall run has been nonexistent. I have not caught a fish since I got the one decent fish pictured below. We survived the hurricane here with no damage and did not even lose power which many people did on the Cape. We were however without TV and phone for a day or so. I plan to continue fishing the surf for a couple more weeks, but am not expecting much success. The picture at the left is a friend, Sini who caught this 44 pound 50 inch striper in the Canal on October 7, 2007. At least someone has taken a nice fish. Jealousy!!!!