Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aunt Jane and Jack Return to Florida

After being at Loon's Landing for a few of weeks, Aunt Jane, dog Kattie, and son Jack left today to drive back to their homes in Florida. It was a nice visit in spite of Jane leg problems which resulted in a long 6 hour visit to the hospital. With the aid of a walker and nurse Linda's care she is on the mend. Jack we are sure will attend to all her needs on the long drive home. Once again Woo failed teaching Kattie to throw the food off her nose and catch it. See picture.

Jim and Sue got Woo fishing again.

Thanks to Jim and Sue I had some very enjoyable fishing last week on their wonderful Maritime Skiff. What a great boat! It is perfect for fishing the Bay. Fly Guy performed beautifully on the bow with a number of nice fish. The weather was great as was the fishing. We even took a couple of small keeper size stripers along with some very large blues. As usual Sue got the largest fish as well as providing good sandwiches. Above are a couple of picture of Jim and Sue with their catches. Jim tried to block out Sue's face with the fish, but she managed to peek through. Jim's bass was a keeper on the fly rod, but we did release it.