Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wow - Woo finally caught a 2008 striper from the surf

9/5/08 - Linda and I took a ride to Nauset Inlet yesterday to take a few casts. Surf fishing has been so poor this year I have been fishing very little. Beach closures due to the Plovers, too many seals and a lack of fish have dampened my motivation. I have been taking a few fish in Pleasant Bay lately, but until yesterday I had not taken one fish from the Ocean. Since In the past I usually have hundreds of stripers from the surf yearly, this indeed has been a terrible fishing season for me. I fished for only an hour just as it was getting dark. I was using my 6" silver Lewy plastic bait for about 1/2 hour without a touch when I finally had a couple of very light hits. I keep on plugging that Lewy and finally convinced at 22 inch stiper to end my famine. After a quick release, I took another cast and hooked a little better fish which actually pulled some drag. It was a hair under the legal 28" limit, but I would have release it anyway. I had one more light hit and that was it for the night. Those two bass, the first surf fish of the season, did put a smile on Woo's old face. Maybe Linda should come fishing with me more often. She brought me some luck.