Saturday, February 23, 2008

Woo's Vermicomposting Project

Ever since I was a little brat I liked worms. At 5 I had a pet imaginary worm named "Wormy". Now that I am in my 70's I am back at it. Last year I started vermicomposting with a pound of red wiggler worms which I purchased. This bunch of worms has eaten lots of garbage over the year and produced about 15 pounds of vermicompost or worm castings which is an excellent source of nutrients for plants. It will not burn like chemical fertilizer and can be used as is mixed into the soil or used as a liquid by adding 2 table spoons of compost to 1 quart of water. Since I use worms on occasion when fishing the local ponds, I decided to try growing some European Nightcrawlers which are larger than the red wigglers and better for fishing. They can be grown in boxes just like the red wigglers and they also eat garbage and product vermicompost. The two videos show the Europeon Nightcrawler worms when I first introduced them to the box and then about 10 minutes later after they were mostly buried into the bedding. The videos are about as exciting as watching grass grow. Stay tuned to see how the worms survive.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Local Fly Tying Class

A friend, Joe Oclair started s professional fly tying class at the Cultural Center in Yarmouth. Turned out to be a big success. If you know anyone who wants to tie flies have them contact THE CULTURAL CENTER of CAPE COD 508-394-7100. The classes are on Saturday mornings. He also has a website at

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Striper netting video

A friend, GEK sent me a striper video from NC that was very disturbing. Click the link below to veiw the video. This is the reason years ago I stopped taking an annual trip to NC to catch big bluefish in early December. I personally saw bluefish taken this way which was very upsetting. Particularly when the fishing on the beach was very slow. The NC economy no longer gets the $1000/year I used to spend on my trips to the Outer Banks. How long will it take these states to realize the financial benefits they gain from the recreational fishing community.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jim and Sue visit Loons Landing with new boat.

Jim and Sue paid us a short visit when they picked up their new Maritime Skiff in Barstable. They brought their talking dog, Charlie who is character. What a fun well behaved mutt. The boat is a beauty and we can't wait to get a ride this summer. They arrived in the pouring rain, but left on a lovely sunny day at the Cape.