Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Shad of the Season

Last week I took a trip to PA to visit my son Michael and fish for shad in the Delaware River. I missed fishing there last year. The first day fishing I got my first shad of the year, a nice roe, above the bridge at Dingman's Ferry. I fished my old haunts on the river from New York all the way down to the Portland power plant. The fishing was very slow and I only got 7 shad in 6 days fishing. I also got a couple of smallies, a perch, and 2 chubs. I fished with a number of my old fishing buddies which was great fun even though the results were disappointing. The weather and river conditions were outstanding. Now I will have to concentrate my shad fishing in the New England area.

Friday, April 18, 2008

First Striper of the year

Just like last year I caught my first striper of the year on April 16th in Pleasant Bay. Not a big fish, but it does have stripes. I actually caught 2 fish that day. I also went trout fishing in Bakers Pond in Orleans and caught a nice tiger trout and lost a large fish. Today 2 days later I got 5 small strpers like the first one I caught. I hope the large fish show up soon. I am planning a trip to go to PA to fish for shad in the Delaware River next week. Hopefully there will be some shad to be had. The weather finally warmed up into the 60's today. About time! It was nice to be able to work in the yard without freezing.