Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall run is over

What Fall run? Well, I must report this was the worst fishing season I have ever had at the Cape. I think I have pretty much finished salt water fishing and have a grand total of 2 stripers from the beach and my total count for the year is about 70 fish. Most of the fish I caught were small fish from Pleasant Bay. Most fishermen on the Cape had similar results. The seals, lack of bait, commercial fishing, and a general depletion of the striper population seems to be the problem. I just wonder what next year will bring. It was a good year on the gardening front. My crops were great and I enjoyed my first year selling at the Orleans Farmers Market. I was even successful selling my worms and worm products at the market. I have increased the number of worm boxes I am using because of the demand at the market and my need for additional worm compost for all my gardens. I am now gearing up for sales on Woo's Lures by making lots of darts and spoons, so I am ready when the orders start coming in. Soon it will be time for all the Holidays. Now is time to start raking all those leaves. Good Luck to all.